Greetings to our family, friends, and all those led to our site!

*We are currently living in Nigeria while we wait to bring Eden home! 

As we wait to complete the adoption of Eden from Nigeria, we find a beautiful parallel in the likewise waiting for Paradise - Eden (Genesis 2:8-12, Ezekiel 28:13, Revelation 21) 

In December 2019 Yahuah (LORD in Hebrew) put it on our hearts to start giving him a sabbath day. We thought it was supposed to be Sunday but we worked at a church so we decided we would do it on Saturday instead. We didn't know we were doing it on the correct day until we studied it further, which also led us to doing Friday night-Saturday night as was meant to be done. Yah (LORD) started BLESSING us like crazy and teaching us things every sabbath! It was sabbath when James had his first vision. It was sabbath when the Ruach Ha'Kodesh (Holy Spirit) told us to start the adoption process for a deaf girl in Africa. Our lives completely shifted when we started doing Shabbat!

We started praying that The Lord would reveal truth to us, and give us wisdom in all things. We asked for discernment, guidance, protection from lies, and for peace during the worldly chaos.

After 6 months, our sabbath had leaked over into all our other days. Yah convicted us to turn off the world completely. No tv, no news, no social media...Once we stopped consuming the world, we had the time, energy, and brain space to pour into reading and studying the Bible together. All we did was homeschool the kids, run our businesses, and study TRUTH! 

As we worked our way through the Old Testament we found ourselves asking a lot of questions, that no one could answer for us. After a few months of daily asking for The Lord to bring us understanding and to fill us with HIS truth, a new friend at Kaylee's Bible study asked her a simple question: "What do you know about the hidden Apocryphal books, The Septuagint, The Dead Sea Scrolls, and extra-Biblical texts?" As one can imagine, this sparked our interest greatly and we began researching. (We found out later that our friend had never shared that information with anyone before, but she felt led to share it with Kaylee. Yah knew our minds and hearts were seeking and open to wherever He wanted to lead us)

After a short time of researching, we discovered that the promoted narrative and opinions regarding these things were infused with intentional drabness, made-up theories, and over-complicated terminology to dissuade the average person from digging in on their own. (If you've Googled any of the above topics, you know what we're talking about) If "they" were trying so hard to hide truth from us, then we knew it must be worth studying.

As we read, our eyes were OPENED and the Old Testament came alive in a whole new way! We read Enoch, and Adam & Eve to start....we couldn’t stop reading and learning - we could hardly sleep at night because we were so EXCITED! 

“And those who understand it shall not sleep,But shall listen with the ear that they may learn this wisdom, And it shall please those that eat thereof better than good food” (Enoch 82:3)

We were so excited with what we were learning, we couldn't help but share it! But when we mentioned the scrolls or other books to fellow Christians, they quickly responded with things like:

-Be careful!

-It's not the Bible. You should only read the Bible.

-No, I have NOT read them, why would you?? 

The way people responded was shocking and hurtful, they weren't even interested in hearing about what Yah was teaching us through His other inspired writings. 

We shared what we were learning with Kaylee’s mom and she became very interested in studying and researching. She found an audible book with 18 Dead Sea Scroll books that we could listen to and discuss together! Having a 3rd researcher who was passionate about digging deeper accelerated our learning. We would call each other every 5 minutes with something new that we had learned! Yahuah lit a fire of excitement in us over His Word and the missing history that was being revealed to us. 

Yah continuously confirmed the things we were learning through dreams and visions given to each of us individually.

We continued to connect the dots and tear down the lies we had been raised with. We started to become fully awake as the truth set us free! (John 8:32)

After many rabbit trails, exciting sleepless nights, and 200+ hours of studying all things relating to the Bible and history, we found ourselves in December of 2020 (one year of doing Shabbat!) creating this website as a resource for others like us. Yah put it on our hearts to share the extra-Biblical texts for anyone searching, and He keeps giving us more ideas and things to add - like "Scriptures For What We Believe", children's books, and some neat merchandise!

Going into 2021 the Holy Spirit led us to start studying dreams and visions (1/3 of the Bible!) We put notebooks next to our beds, and BAM! Dreams and visions galore! Like crazy stuff....seeing into the spiritual realm, going places in the spirit... So then we were led to study receiving the Holy Spirit, which was completely foreign to us - since we were raised in conservative churches who didn’t believe in an in-dwelling spirit, miracles, spiritual gifts, etc. We knew we had the Holy Spirit, but he wasn’t gushing out of us like living water as the Bible described (John 7:38). So we prayed and asked to be completely filled to overflowing!
Within a week both of us began praying in the Spirit/praying in tongues at different times as the Holy Spirit fell on us. It was our very own Pentecost! So then the Holy Spirit led us to study the miracles and the healing ministry of Yahusha (Jesus). We learned that Yahusha (Jesus) gave us authority over all powers of darkness (Luke 10:19), and he said “These signs will follow those who believe - they will speak in new tongues, cast out demons, heal the sick...” (Mark 16:17-18) So just when we thought things couldn’t get more exciting, we started stepping out in faith, praying for people and seeing people HEALED! Yah would speak to us in dreams and tell us who to pray for. Or we would just pray for any injured or sick person we saw! We saw deaf ears hear, a women’s short leg grow out an inch and half so it matched the other one, backs healed, knees healed, migraines gone, birth defects healed...we prayed with people to receive the Holy Spirit and gift of tongues, we water baptized people...We were living the book of ACTS!
But then Yah brought us back to Mark 16:17. “Those who believe will cast out demons...” We took a deep breath and prayerfully studied everything we could in the Bible, extra-biblical texts, and modern day testimonies. We had previously had numerous dreams of setting captives free, so we knew Yah had already been preparing our us to learn about spiritual warfare. 
Are you still with us? :)
As we learned that Yahusha/Jesus was casting demons out of believers and members in the synagogues (churches), and then saw in the modern day testimonies that it was believers who were oppressed - we both knew in the same moment that we wanted to be free of anything we had let into our lives before we truly started following Yahuah. So our deliverance training began on each other, then on friends. We saw unclean spirits come shrieking out of people, they even talked back to us  - just like in the Bible! We would pray for hours - till 3am sometimes. It was tiring on our physical bodies, but so rewarding for our spirits!
We knew that everything was spiritual (Eph 6:11) but not to this extent. The enemy was furious at us and started attacking our kids through sickness and various things (we delivered our children by the way!) But he that is in us is stronger than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4), and we will continue to engage in the battle until Yahusha/Jesus returns!
Yah is purifying his church in preparation for his return! People are starting to live how Yahusha SAID to live! What marvelous times we live in! 

We thank The Lord for the energy, wisdom, and discernment He gives our brains to sustain us as we learn and live according to His Word. Living out the book of Acts is the most exciting and fulfilling thing we’ve ever done!! 

We knew The Lord wanted us to create this platform, so we are doing our best to share everything. We think of our fellow Natsarim, but also Christians who are totally asleep to truths found INSIDE and outside the "canonical" Bible. As you read and study, we pray The Ruach (Spirit) guides you into all truth! (1 John 2:27)

Many blessings to whoever Yah brings to our site! 
-James & Kaylee Wilson
Emmanuella, Eden, & Harriette