Read The Extra-Biblical Texts

Extra-Biblical Texts - We are adding to this list as we continue reading!

Ask the Lord to teach you while you read these books- just as you should when you read the Bible- ask for His discerning Spirit to guide you and teach you.

(1 John 2:27)



(These are not technically "extra-Biblical" since they were included in all the original Bible translations, but we will still list them here)

Books Called Apocrypha (Included in the original Bibles, Scriptures, and Septuagint)


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Genesis Apocryphon (one of the original 7 Dead Sea Scrolls found by the shepherd boy)

Book of Adam & Eve / The Conflict of Adam & Eve With Satan

Book of Enoch  - Biblically endorsed throughout the Old and New Testament (Examples: Gen 5:22, Gen 6:1-4, Jude 1:6, 14-15, 2 Peter 2:4)

Book of Jasher - Synchronized with Genesis and Biblically endorsed (Josh 10:13, 2 Sam 1:18)

Book of Jubilees

Testament of Joseph (Eleventh son of Jacob)

The Testament of Moses

Apocryphal Psalms by David



The Gospel of the Nativity of Mary

The Book of James / Protevangelium of James - Written by James, the step-brother of Jesus

The History of Joseph the Carpenter

The Gospel of Nicodemus ( The Acts of Pontius Pilate) 

The Letters of Herod and Pilate

The Gospel of Thomas (Found in 1945 at Nag Hammadi Library in Egypt) 



Gad, The Seer

Testament of Solomon

The Writings of Abraham

The Ascension of Isaiah

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